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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gen Con 2016

I was at Gen Con for the third time this year, for 2 days.

As always, there were lots of costumes.

It’s the year of Pokeman Go.  Here Rob and a pirate are trying to catch one.

I’m always amazed by the outrageous magic cards there.  Here’s one going for $11,000 at the CoolStuffInc booth.

If I’m around the house on a Saturday, a lot of times I’ll have the Dice Tower or Matt Chat on.  Here’s the Dice Tower’s Zee Garcia (left) and Sam Healey (right) in the exhibit hall.  (Sorry, I still need to figure out who the middle guy is.)

Most of my time there this year was playing D&D with Rob, Karen, Buck, and Lou.  Here are some vikings playing Saturday morning.

The high point was the last game on Sunday morning, “HILL 1-S Onslaught,” in which the characters fight a super legendary Blob of Death that’s taken over the center of Hillsfar.  In this session there was a kind of uber-DM who coordinated the action across all the tables and announced the collective progress from the center of the room.

Here’s our table.  The uber DM (I didn’t get his name) is visiting the table telling us that a black cloud has appeared over the city, raining down poisonous spores.  Our DM Daniel, in red, is sitting next to him.

The table captains meeting with the uber DM to report the parties’ progress.

The uber DM telling the room that our table’s wizard polymorphed the poison spores into a rain of flaming squirrels.

Downtown Indianapolis from the hotel room.


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