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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gen Con 2014

I’ve been meaning to go to Gen Con for a long time, and this year I tagged along with my old college friend Rob and his gang, who’ve been going for years.  We had a lot of fun.

This year they released the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons and D&D / Forgotten Realms legend Ed Greenwood signed my copy. :)

I also got a copy of Call of Cthulhu, one of the other classic RPGs, autographed by Sandy Peterson.  He wasn’t actually signing stuff, but by crassly pestering many total strangers, I was able to track him down.

Rob and his friends got me into a day-long game of D&D even though I’d missed the sign up. Here’s the D&D play area, which was just one of many at the conference. Here is a 360-degree pano showing the same area.

Everyone knows that folks dress up for Gen Con, but I was surprised by how many costumes there were.  There were about 50,000 people at the conference, and maybe one-tenth were in costumes.  Here’s Rob with Darth Vader.

Here’s Rob and Karen with (I think) the Winter Warlock. 2014.08.31: Correction: it's the Ice King from Adventure Time. :)

Gen Con was in Indianapolis, just a couple blocks from the Indiana state

Here's a detail from the Sailors and Soldiers Monument nearby.  I'm not sure what those bears are doing!