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Sunday, August 04, 2013


I visited Chicago the weekend before July 4.  I spent my time there walking around the Loop and whistling the Bob Newhart theme song.

Chicago is where the Chicago River meets Lake Michigan.  In 1900 the river’s direction was artificially reversed so that it wouldn’t carry sewage into the lake.

Downtown Chicago is known as the Loop, for the elevated train loop that goes around downtown.

Chicago is known for its architecture and skyscrapers.  The Monadnock Building was the tallest commercial building supported by its masonry walls rather than a steel skeleton.

The Reliance Building was the first skyscraper with a facade dominated by windows.

The Marquette Building was “ of the early steel frame skyscrapers of its day, and is considered one of the best examples of the Chicago School of is considered an architectural masterpiece.”

Bas relief panels over the doors depict Jacques Marquette’s exploration of the Great Lakes area.

A view of the Chicago skyline from Grant Park near the Lake Michigan.  The Willis (Sears) Tower is the black building with antennas on the left.

American Gothic is at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Cloud Gate (or “The Bean”) and Crown Fountain are in Millenium Park at the north end of Grant Park.

The Chicago Picasso is in Daley Plaza, while Calder’s Flamingo is a few blocks away in front of the Kluczynski Federal Building.

The world’s most complete T. Rex, Sue, is at the Field Museum.

Chicago’s Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup a few days before I visited.

Kids posing in front of the Art Institute's lions, who are wearing Blackhawks helmets. :)